Approaching Beltane

As Beltane hoves into view, the weather remains stubbornly chilly. The Spring however trundles along with the arrival this week of Wood anemones, bluebells and fresh green leaves. The snow yesterday and the hail the day before are all encouraged by the fierce sunlight hiding behind the billowy clouds.
Our dog Finn loves this time of year – it must be extra aromatic with the wild garlic tanging the air and with feisty, fruity birds busying in the hedgerows. The blackbirds always seem the busiest with the sparrows in our garden squabbling constantly under the watchful eye of frumpy pigeons and clacky magpies.
We’re in the garden today to finish the path and planting some vegetables – it is likely that the robin will come and say ‘Hi’. Netting will hopefully deter our avian friends, just not sure about the subterranean or terranean ones? Yes you Sluggy! I’m watching you, buddy!
Mother Earth puts on her summer garb and the annual greening erupts everywhere…